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Fábio Dos Santos Cezar - socio

Fabio Dos Santos Cezar (1980) is teacher in Portuguese Language and Literature in Rio de Janeiro, poet, musician and tarot reader, student of occultism, esoterism and hermetism. Fábio began the tarot studies at the age of 16 with the Tarot de Marseille as self-learning. Its did him to know the works of the great masters Aleister Crowley, Oswald Wirth, Eliphas Lévi, Papus, Court de Gébelin, G.O. Mebes and Samael Aun Weor.


His private practice encompasses also mythology, archetypal psychology and numerology too. Fábio Cezar searches in esoteric literature the hermetic keys for the human and metaphysical understanding. Since then, he uses the Tarot by its oracular prism and also as instrument to reflection and self-knowledge. Fábio Cezar realizes readings/consultations and tarot teachings.  


Curso de Iniciação ao Tarot (Course of Iniciation to Tarot) - Rio de Janeiro, 2008 (booklet)

Dicionário Enciclopédico do Tarot (unpublished)




Fábio Dos Santos Cezar
Rua Apodi, 166 - Bento Ribeiro
Cep 21331-380
Rio De Janeiro - Rj



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