The Vine and the Wine

Card Games and Playing Card

     Torgiano (Perugia), Former Oratory of Saint Anthony
Nov. 25 1999 - Jan. 6 2000

Promoting Body
Lungarotti Foundation, Torgiano

Historical - Scientific Plan
Cultural Association “Le Tarot”, Faenza

Iconographic researches
Cultural Association “Le Tarot”, Faenza
Research Institute on Arts and Folklore A. Graf, Bologna

Exhibition Director
Giordano Berti

Scientific Committee
Maria Grazia Marchetti Lungarotti     Director of Lungarotti Foundation, Torgiano
Giordano Berti                                            Essayist, Chairman of the “Graf Institute”
Franco Cardini                                           Medieval History, Florence University
Cecilia Gatto Trocchi                                Anthropology, Perugia University
Donatino Domini                                       Director of the Classense Library, Ravenna
Andrea Vitali                                              Iconologist, Chairman of the Association “Le Tarot”     
Catalogue edited by G. Berti and A. Vitali                                                            
Maria Grazia Marchetti Lungarotti   
Marginal notes of an exhibition on cards, games,  vine  and wine
Franco Cardini
Sun, blood, fire. Notes on the history of wine as a  symbol
Cecilia Gatto-Trocchi
Games and wines - Dionysian ecstasy and popular passion
Giordano Berti                        
The paper, the printing and card games
Donatino Domini                   
Snakes and ladders

Origin of displayed works
Renzo Salvadè private collection, Bologna
Cultural Association “Le Tarot”, Faenza
“La Bottega d’Arte” of Francesco Montevecchi, Faenza
“In Arte” of Amedeo and Maurizio Cocchi, Milan
Bertarelli Civic Prints Collection, Milan
Guido Sogliani private collection, Modena
Classense Library, Ravenna
Ludovico Valvassori private collection, Ravenna
Pietro Alligo private collection, Turin