1/12/2019 A King of Tarochi - 1584

A king without sense in the Italian vernacular languages of the sixteenth century

1/5/2019 The legend of Pope Joan

"Because there is the Pope, there must also be the Popess"

1/3/2019 Taroco Satiro - 1605

The attribute of false to a pagan temple

12/27/2018 The Bagattino between history and literature

The coin of little value from which the word Bagatella derived

12/22/2018 Andrea Doria and the tarot - 1550

When the cannon thundered the Admiral played tarot

12/21/2018 Better the Tarot that the Breviary

The concupiscence of the priests for the tarot in the nineteenth century

12/14/2018 Tarot "of new invention"

In the 'Universal Plaza' of Tomaso Garzoni da Bagnacavallo - 1585

12/6/2018 Allegorical notes on the Game of Minchiate

In the treatise by Francesco Saverio Brunetti - 1747

12/1/2018 Le Bravure del Capitano Spavento - 1607

Playing at Primiera with Time, Fortune and Death

11/22/2018 The Mystical Staicase in the "Sermo de Ludo"

An example of the concept 'Ludendo Intelligo' (While I play I learn)

11/11/2018 La Vergine Parigina - 1661

A literary work by Francesco Fulvio Frugoni

9/29/2018 L'Isola del Giuoco (The Isle of the game)

From "Opuscoli in verso e in prosa" by Filandro Cretense

9/12/2018 All the iconological essays updated and expanded

Translations revised by Michael S. Howard who also translated the additions

8/16/2018 17th century Miscellany

Marchelli - Ricci - Sarpi - Banchieri

8/14/2018 The Game of Tarot: a symbol of human life

By Francesco Fulvio Frugoni - 1669