Andrea Vitali

President of the Association "Le Tarot"

Andrea Vitali - presidente

Andrea Vitali was born on the 2nd of March 1952 in Faenza (Ravenna - Italy).  


He graduated in Humanistic Studies at the University of Bologna, and subsequently earned a post-graduate degree in musicology. He also completed a series of courses at the Scuola di Archivistica, Paleografia e Diplomatica [School of Archival Studies, Paleography and Document Authentication] at the State Archives of Bologna.


After many years of teaching and directing the public library of Brisighella (Ravenna), he devoted himself to the study of Medieval and Renaissance symbolism and iconology with particular attention to religious and secular festivals and the structure of triumphal processions.


In 1985 he founded the Cultural Association ‘Le Tarot’, an organization specializing in historical research in the hermetic and symbolic disciplines, and made up of eminent personalities from academia and the international cultural world.


As President of the Association ‘Le Tarot’, he has curated the historical-scientific plans of the most important exhibitions held in Italy and Europe about the symbolic universe of the tarot: 


The Court Cards. Tarot. Game and Magic at the Este Court, Este Castle, Ferrara 1987

(video at; 


Tarots: Art and Magic, Archaeological Museum, Bologna, 1994

(video at;  


Tarots: The Card of Destiny, National Museum of  Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome, 1996

(video at


and many others (watch Exhibitions at


Known as an authority on the iconology of the historical tarot by the international scientific community, he has published a variety of essays about iconology, translated into six languages, His investigations in this field have filled interpretive gaps through providing a clear and precise vision of the medieval and Renaissance imaginary expressed in those cards.


Thus Alain Jacques Bougearel in his work Origines et Histoire du Tarot (Ed. Envol, Toulouse, 1997): "A ma connaissance, Andrea Vitali est, de tous les tarologues contemporains, the medieviste le plus pertinent”{Andrea Vitali, of all contemporary tarologists, is the most relevant medievalist] (p. 21).


He has lectured has given on the medieval symbolism and allegorical iconology of the tarot subjects in many universities and cultural institutes in Italy and abroad. In September 1995 he was invited by the International Playing-Card Society and the Guildhall Library in London as a speaker at their congress about tarot cards in relation to medieval symbolism with respect to the Bible, the medieval and Renaissance survival of the ancient gods, and Hermetic thought.


As president of the Cultural Association ‘Le Tarot’, he edited numerous historical exhibits.


From 1988 to 2013 he was part of the scientific and teaching staff of the Department of Philosophy, Epistemology and History of Sciences Section, University of Genoa (Prof. Paolo Aldo Rossi), giving lectures and seminars and assisting students, especially in the preparation of degree theses.


From 2001 to 2012, he worked as educational and scientific adviser to the Chair of Medieval History of the Italian Institute of Human Sciences of Florence, occupied by Prof. Franco Cardini until 31 October 2012. Now he assists Prof. Cardini in his functions as Adjunct Professor.


He was holder the Chair of ‘Tarot: history and divination’ at the Free Italian University of Esoteric Studies, Faculty of Science and Esoteric Traditions,  UniMoscow Department of Lecce.


His essays and scientific contributions have been published by Nuova Alfa Editoriale, Electa, Le Tarot, Il Meneghello, Martina Editions-Bologna, Moderna Editions, Lo Scarabeo, and Spazio Interiore.


Many times he has participated as a guest on Italian television broadcasts, talk shows and other programs on both public and private networks:


Pronto è La Rai?                     Rai Uno
Dove sono I Pirenei?              Rai Tre
Maurizio Costanzo Show      Canale 5
Cronaca in Diretta                 Rai Due
Società e Costume                   Rai Due
Speciale Tg1                             Rai Uno
Borders                                     Italia Uno
Libri in Onda                           Rai International            

His interviews, articles and contributions appeared on daily-weekly newspapers and specialized magazines well-known both in Italy and abroad: Panorama, L’Europeo, Gioia, Famiglia Cristiana, Oggi, Grand Hotel, Capital, Historia, Il Piacere, Zoom, Ciga Hotel Magazine, Italy Italy, Illustrazione Italiana, La Repubblica, Il Resto del Carlino, Il Sole 24 Ore, La Stampa, Il Corriere della Sera, Il Messaggero, Haagsche Courant, Suddeutsche Zeitung, etc. 




In addition to the following works, Andrea Vitali has written more than two hundred articles published in historical-scientific journals, in national and European weeklies and dailies. He contributes to Secreta, a monthly magazine of hermetic and mystery culture (Olimpia Editions) and Graphie, magazine of art and literature. In this site there are 99 essays in English versions and 200 in Italian ones on Tarot history and symbolic argument, as well as 22 iconological essays on the Triumphs (Major Arcani).


Bologna & the Tarot. An Italian Legacy from the Renaissance

History Art Symbology Literature

Edited by Andrea Vitali & Michael Howard

Essays by Andrea Vitali, Michael Howard, Ross Caldwell, Elisabetta Gnignera, Alberto Beltramo, Alain Bougearel, Franco Motta

Mutus Liber (Museodei by Hermatena Edizioni), Riola (Bo), 2022

In English

ISBN 978-88-99841-85-0


Bologna e i Tarocchi. Un Patrimonio Italiano del Rinascimento.

Storia, Arte, Simbologia, Letteratura

(Bologna and the Tarot. An Italian Renaissance Heritage

History, Art, Symbology, Literature)

Edited by Andrea Vitali

Patronage of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities

Essays by Michael Howard, Ross Sinclair Caldwell, Alberto Beltramo, Andrea Vitali, Alberto Cesare Ambesi. Appendix edited by the International Tarot Museum

Mutus Liber (Museodei by Hermatena Edizioni), Riola (Bo), 2020

In Italian

ISBN 978-88-99841-56-0  


Visconti Modrone Tarot

Essays by Andrea Vitali: At the beginning of Tarot e Iconography and Iconology of the Triumphs

Lo Scarabeo Edition, Torin, 2019

Book in English, combined with the reproduction of the Visconti di Modrone Deck 


Sola Busca Tarot

The Tarot masterpiece of Italian Renaissance

Essay by Andrea Vitali

Lo Scarabeo Edition, Torin, 2019

Book  in six languages (English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian) published together with the reproduction of the Sola Busca Deck

Il Principe dei Tarocchi. Francesco Antelminelli Castracani Fibbia
The Prince of the Tarot. Francesco Antelminelli Castracani Fibbia
Essay by Andrea Vitali
Moderna Editions, Ravenna, 2013
In Italian 
ISBN 978-88-89900-71-0

Il Castello dei Tarocchi
The Castle of Tarots
Edited by Andrea Vitali
Essays by Giordano Berti, Alain Bougearel, Franco Cardini, Ross Sinclair Caldwell, Thierry Depaulis, Gerardo Lonardoni, Alberto Milano, Lothar Teikemeier, Giovanni Tesio, Bepi Vigna, Andrea Vitali, Girolamo Zorli
Lo Scarabeo Editions, Turin, 2010

In Italian 

ISBN-10: 8865270039

Tarots: History, Art, Magic, from the 15th  to 20th Century

Tarocchi: Storia, Arte, Magia, dal XV al XX Secolo
Essays by Andrea Vitali and Terry Zanetti
Le Tarot Editions, Faenza, 2006

In Italian and English

Il Tarocchino di Bologna. Storia, Iconografia, Divinazione. Dal XV al XX secolo

The Tarocchino of Bologna. History, Iconography, Prophecy. From the 15th - 20th Century
Essays by Andrea Vitali and Terry Zanetti
Martina Editions, Bologna, 2005

In Italian
ISBN 88-7572-024-X


Tarocchi: Le Carte del Regno. La Storia, I Simboli, Il Mito

Tarots: The Real Cards. History, Symbols, Mith

Edited by Andrea Vitali and Giordano Berti 

Essays by Andrea Ascari, Giordano Berti, Monica Canducci, Franco Cardini, Mons. Lorenzo Dattrino, Pietro Marsilli, Paolo Aldo Rossi, Andrea Vitali

Le Tarot Editions, Faenza, 2007

In Italian

Visconti-Sforza Tarots. Milan - 15th Century

I Tarocchi Visconti-Sforza, Milano - XV Secolo
Essay by Andrea Vitali
Il Meneghello Editions, Milan, 1996

In Italian, English, French and German

Tarocchi: Arte e Magia
Tarots: Art and Magic
Edited by Andrea Vitali and Giordano Berti
Essays by Andrea Ascari, Giordano Berti, Monica Canducci, Franco Cardini, Mons. Lorenzo Dattrino, Pietro Marsilli, Paolo Aldo Rossi, Andrea Vitali
Le Tarot Editions, Faenza, 1994

In Italian


Tarocchi: Le Carte del Destino

Tarots: The Destiny Cards

Edited by Andrea Vitali, Giordano Berti, Pietro Marsilli

Essays by Andrea Ascari, Giordano Berti, Monica Canducci, Franco Cardini, Mons. Lorenzo Dattrino, Pietro Marsilli, Paolo Aldo Rossi, Andrea Vitali

Le Tarot Editions, Faenza, 1994

In Italian


Le Carte di Corte. I Tarocchi. Gioco e Magia alla Corte degli Estensi

The Cards of Court. Tarots. Game and Magic at the Este Court
Edited by Andrea Vitali and Giordano Berti
Essays by Giuliana Algeri, Giordano Berti, Marco Bertozzi, Franco Cardini, Claudia Cieri Via, Michael Dummett, Cecilia Gatto-Trocchi, Pietro Marsilli, Daniele Pagliai, Franco Pratesi, Franco Solmi, Alessandra Uguccioni, Andrea Vitali
Nuova Alfa Editoriale, Bologna 1987

In Italian
ISBN 88-7779-016-4

Other contributions in the following works:


Tarocchi dal Rinascimento a Oggi

Tarot from Renaissance to our day

Andrea Vitali' essays: "La nascita dei Tarocchi" (The origin of the Tarot), "Il significato della parola 'Tarocco'" (The meaning of the word Tarocco), "Iconologia dei Trionfi" (Iconology of the Triumphs). With essays by Pietro Alligo, Antonella Aloi, Giordano Berti, Moreno Burattini, Andrea Busto, Nicola Antonio De Giorgio, Gero Giglio, Laura Paola Gnaccolini, Sasha Graham, Walter Haas, Alberto Milano, Riccardo Minetti, Barbara Moore, Anna Maria Morsucci, Giovanni Pelosini, Domenico Rosa, Bepi Vigna, Andrea Vitali.

Lo Scarabeo Edition, Turin, 2017

In Italian

ISBN 978-88-6527-523-8


Antichi Giochi e Tarocchi a Bologna

Ancient Games and Tarot in Bologna

Andrea Vitali's essay: "Dal Ludus Triumphorum al Ludus Tarochorum" (From 'Ludus Triumphorum' to 'Ludus Tarochorum')

With essays by Biancastella Antonino, Andrea Vitali, Giovanni Pelosini, Girolamo Zorli, Alberto Beltramo, Morena Poltronieri, Ernesto Fazioli, Rita de Tata, Patrizia Moscatelli

Mutus Liber (Museodei by Hermatena Edizioni), Riola (Bo), 2014

In Italian

ISBN 978-88-97371-71-7




Edited byi Nicola Bonimelli

Interview with Andrea Vitali: "Rigore storico ed esigenze eterne nello studio dei Tarocchi" (Historical rigour and eternal demands in the study of the Tarot)

Beyond the border 13 - Chronicles from the visible and invisible worlds

Spazio Interiore Editions, Rome, 2014 

In Italian

ISBN 88-97864-46-2


La Via del Sacro. I Simboli dei Tarocchi fra Oriente e Occidente

The Way of the Sacred One. The symbols of the tarot between East and West

Essay by Gerardo Lonardoni

Introduction by Andrea Vitali - Presentation by Franco Cardini  

Martina Editions, Bologna, 2008

In Italian 

ISBN 978-88-7572-069-8


I Tarocchi di Gianmaria Potenza. Le arcane radici dell’Albero della Vita

Gianmaria Potenza’s Tarots - The mysterious origins of the Tree of Life
Edited by Grigore Arbore Popescu

Andrea Vitali's essay: "La vera favola dei tarocchi" (The true story of the Tarot)

Essays by Andrea Ascari, Monica Canducci, Paolo Levi, Grigore Arbore Popescu, Andrea Vitali 

Electa Editions, Milan, 1990

In Italian 

ISBN 88-435-3200-6


Gli arcani occultati di Leonardo

Hidden arcana in Leonardo

Essay by Ernesto Solari

Presentation by Andrea Vitali

Saval Edition, Bologna, 1989

In Italian 


Fanti e Denari. Sei secoli di Giochi d'Azzardo

Pages and Coins. Six centuries of gambling

Edited by Alberto Fiorin

By Andrea Vitali: care of catalogue cards

Arsenale Edition, Venice, 1989

In Italian

ISBN 88-7743-045-1


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