Scientific committee


Important representatives of the Italian and European culture who cooperated with the Association “Le Tarot”

Giuliana Algeri
Curator of Artistic and Historical Works, Superintendency of cultural heritage, Mantua

Sandrina Bandera
Director of Artistic and Historical Works, Superintendency of cultural heritage, Milan

Antonio Barletti
President C.R.E.A. of Florence

Marco Bertozzi
Theoretical Philosophy , University of Ferrara

Anna Blayer
Director of the Jewish Museum of Rome


Enrico Bellone
History of Astronomy, University of Padua

Giordano Berti
History of western esoterism, director of Graf Institute

Alain Bougearel
Member "Sociétaire" of the «Société des Gens de Lettres de France (SGDL). Historian of the Tarot

Alessandro Braccesi
Astronomical Sciences, University of Bologna

Marco Bussagli
History of Art, Academy of Fine Arts, Rome

Omar Calabrese
Visual Communication, University of Siena

Gian Paolo Caprettini
Semiotics, University of Turin

Franco Cardini
Medieval History, University of Florence

Cláudio Carvalho
Scholar and Researcher of the Thoth Tarot Cards

Errico Centofanti

Claudia Cieri Via
Iconology, “La Sapienza” University of Rome

Cesare Colafemmina
Jewish Epigraphy and Literature, University of Bari

Giancarlo Costa
History of Navigation

Mons. Lorenzo Dattrino
History of Church Fathers, Lateran University of Rome

Thierry Depaulis
President of ACCART

Gianfranco De Turris
Historian of Fanciful Literature

Donatino Domini
Director of Classense Library of Ravenna

Anna Maria Donadoni
Curator of the Egyptian Museum of Turin

Michael Dummett
Formal Logic, Oxford University

Giorgio Galli
History of Political Doctrines, University of Milan

Gian Carlo Garfagnini
History of Philosophy, University of Florence

Cecilia Gatto Trocchi
Anthropology, University of Rome

Giannino Giovannoni

Alessandro Grossato
History of Eastern Asia Institutions, University of Trieste

Gino G. Guarino
President of Cultural Association “Cerretese”

Massimo Introvigne
Director of CESNUR

Guglielmo Invernizzi
Expert of Ancient Graphic Arts, Como

Enrichetta Leospo
Director of Egyptian Museum of Turin

Dora Liscia-Bemporad
History of art, University of Florence. Director of the Jewish Museum of Florence

Marcello Lotti
Responsible of cultural cooperation activities for the Municipality of Florence

Pietro Marsilli
Italian Literature, University of Innsbruck

Massimo Montanari
Medieval History, University of Bologna

Sergio Noja Noseda
Arabic Language and Literature, Catholic University of Milan

Alberto Passerone
C.N.R of Genoa

Don. Franco Patruno
Historian of Christian art. Director of the Cultural Institute “Casa G. Cini” of Ferrara

Maria Rita Parsi
Psychotherapist. President of SIPA

Paolo Aldo Rossi
History of Scientific Thought, University of Genoa

Dario Sabbatucci
History of Religions, University of Rome

Alberto Sermoneta
History of Jewish Liturgy, Pontifical Teresianum Institute of Rome

Ross Sinclair Caldwell
Historian of the Tarots

Franco Solmi
Art Critic

Salvatore Spoto
Editor - in - chief of  “Il Tempo Libero”, Il Messaggero

Terry Zanetti
Historian of Popular Traditions

Claudio Widmann
Jungian analyst