Fabrizio Binacchi

Fabrizio Binacchi, journalist, is currently director of the Rai head office in Emilia Romagna and ad interim for Rai in the autonomous Trento province. Specialised in economic information and communications, for two years Binacchi was also director of the Rai production center in Milan where he initiated the rationalisation process, under Celli’s direction, with the aim of organising new transmissions from Milan,  new production planning and introducing digital technologies.

Binacchi had already been director of Bologna from 1997 to 1998. From 1999 to 2000 he  was the presenter of “Linea Verde” on Raiuno.

He is originally from Mantua, so he  began his professional career on the Mantua Gazzetta, where he worked until he moved to Rai in 1988 after Nuccio Fava approached him to become trade union economics editor on Tg1.

Then he became the presenter of Tg1 Mattina, head of  editorial policy, with Bruno Vespa, and chief of the 13:30 Tg1 News  directed by Carlo Rossella. He has also hosted the 13.30 TG1 news programme. 

With regards to regional newspaper, he was approached by the director Leonardo Valente to became head of coordination, he has been regional chief in Bologna, chief manager of the Lazio region and has supervised the Weekly "Ambiente Italia" broadcast from Turin on Raitre.

Binacchi was also assistant director to Bozen, author and presenter of the "Ci vediamo" programme broadcast on Raiuno from Milan and creator and host for three editions of the weekly TGR Agricultural Regions on Raitre. He was also part of the Working Group for Bocconi-Rai 's analysis and utilisation of local resources, and special correspondent and host for Italia Agricoltura on Raitre.

He is Professor at the school of journalism at the University of Bologna, where he teaches television communications, including workshops on presenting, and master's degree in the communication law department, headed by Professor Ugo Ruffolo.

He hosted live the interregional programme "Celtica 2002", which was Rai’s first, ‘macroregional’ transmission. He  worked on "il Giorno", the "Gazzetta di Mantova", the "Gazzetta di Reggio”, the "Gazzetta di Modena", "La nuova Ferrara", “L’Allevatore”, “L’Informatore zootecnico e veterinario”, “Terra e Vita” and “L’Agricoltore Bresciano”.

He published  “Benedetta Politica” (Blessed Politics), the  Lativa 1992 editions, and the "Creative Note Book", published by Diabasis in 2003.

He has a weekly spot about communication and information technology on the Voce of Mantua. He writes for Opinione, Pensalibero and  has worked on tourism issues on Corriere Romagna and Resto del Carlino.


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