9/14/2023 Tarot in Bologna at the end of the 18th century

For a priest, playing five-a-side with Tarot cards is not a crime

9/13/2023 17th Century Miscellany II

Desiderio Cini da Pistoia - Giovanni Andrea Lorenzani - Adriano Banchieri

6/8/2023 Updated "El Bagatella or the symbol of sin"

On the reason for the presence of the Bagatto as the first card of the Triumphs

4/16/2023 For Mask of the Fool of Tarot

Anonymous sonnet from the Vatican Apostolic Library - First half of the XIXth century

4/10/2023 The Beauty of My Diva - XVIth century

placed in the Triumphs of the Tarot

4/5/2023 The Mystical Staircase in the 'Sermo de Ludo'

Expanded the essay with the Mystical Staircase in the Bolognese order

1/7/2023 The Mattaccini - 16th century

Their significance and actions