Seas of Wonders

Divinities, Monsters, Utopias, Legends, Dreams, Illusions and Discoveries...

Comacchio (Ferrara), Bellini Palace, Oct. 28 1995 - Jan. 7, 1996

Promoting Body
Municipality of Comacchio - Tourism Department

Exhibition scientific Plan
Cultural Association “Le Tarot”  - Faenza

Ideation and coordination
Giordano Berti - Andrea Vitali.

Historical - Scientific Committee
Erik Balzaretti                  Scientist of contemporary popular graphics
Giordano Berti                  Essayist, Chairman of the “Graf Institute”
Franco Cardini                 Medieval History,  Florence University
Giancarlo Costa                History of Navigation
Gianfranco De Turris     History of Fanciful Literature
Cecilia Gatto Trocchi      Anthropology, Perugia University
Massimo Montanari        Medieval History, Bologna University
Paolo Aldo Rossi                History of Scientific Thought, Genoa University
Salvatore Spoto                History of Ancient Law
Andrea Vitali                    Iconologist, Chairman of the Association “Le Tarot”
Claudio Widmann           Psychoanalyst

Bibliographic and Iconographic researches
Cultural Association “Le Tarot”- Faenza
Graf Institute - Bologna
Costa Historical Photographic Archives - Milan
Little Nemo Bibliographical Study - Turin

Catalogue edited by Giordano Berti
Cecilia Gatto-Trocchi     Sea monsters in the "tales" of Ancient Greece
Paolo Aldo Rossi                Creatures of the abyss in Middle-Eastern mythology
Paolo Aldo Rossi                Geography and cosmography in the Classical Age
Salvatore Spoto                Survivors and shipwrecks in the ancient Mediterranean
Franco Cardini                 Going by sea in the Middle Ages
Giuseppe Tardiola            The myth of “admirable” islands
Paolo Aldo Rossi                Different horizons, different proportions
Paolo Aldo Rossi                The Ocean sailed at last
Giordano Berti                  Sea monsters: zoology and teratology
Giancarlo Costa                Travelling by sea between 1600 and 1900
Giordano Berti                  Religiousness and superstitions of sea people
Giancarlo Costa                Cursed ships
Gianfranco De Turris     Sea in fantasy
Giancarlo Costa                Sea adventures: news and imagination
Erik Balzaretti                  The monster key role in salted comic strips
Claudio Widmann           The sea as existential metaphor
Federica Betti                   Picturing the sea: from terracotta to celluloid
Andrea Bruni                   The thousands reflections of the darkness heart

Origin of displayed works
“Taroni” Municipal Library, Bagnacavallo
Municipal Picture Gallery Studio, Bagnacavallo
Municipal Library of the Archiginnasio, Bologna
University Library, Bologna
A. Graf Research Institute, Bologna
Civic Archaeological Museum, Bologna
Private Collection, G. Invernizzi, Como
“Bottega dell’Arte” Antiques, Faenza
Cultural Association “Le Tarot”, Faenza
Private Collection A. Farina, Imola
Municipal Library, Imola
Central Municipal Library, Milan
“Cose di Ieri” Antiques, Padua
Classense Library, Ravenna
Gambalunga Library, Rimini
”Little Nemo” Bibliographical Study, Turin