Patrizia Troni

Socio Patrizia Troni

Patricia Troni was born when the Sun and the horizon were in the sign of Cancer. She trained at Marco Pesatori's School.

To the most rational, scientific and deep study on Astrology, she adds her studies in the esoteric, mythological and simbolic field, ranging from Knowledge of tarot, geomancy, numerology, runes and the ancient wisdom of I King.

She collaborates with leading magazines of the sector, starting from various publications with Marco Pesatori in various issues of Minima Astrologica until Sirio, Astra, Astrella, Astrolei, Marie Claire and the blog of the same magazine.

She is also currently editor of the monthly horoscope attached to the magazines Chi and Sorrisi e Canzoni TV.



E-mail address

(+39) 347 1426567